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Oct 14

New layout and Hibernation Mode

Shattered Memories has been placed on Hibernation Mode. Along with that, there is a new layout up for the site. The previous layout didn’t last long for I was in a huge debate on how to announce the hibernation. As stated before, I recently gave birth to my daughter, Leah, on August 7th 2016. As of right now, she is 2 months old. Time is very minimal for me. I barely have time to do what I usually like to do online that I know web designing will be much harder. I need to spend more time with my daughter. She needs me more than my sites do. I promise to return. I just don’t know when. When she starts crawling, my computer time will be drastically cut. As of right now, she sits near me, but I shouldn’t have her there all the time. She needs interaction from her mommy, and I cannot do that with my sites constantly needing me. I still love my sites and don’t want to leave the world of web altogether. I just need to balance my time better. Till I return, the domain is in hibernation mode and will remain that way. I am still available online through email and twitter if anyone wants to chat. I will still browse my normal forums. I just won’t have anything new. Till I return!

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Jul 1

Update Post for SM.Org

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As you can tell, the domain has went into a hibernation mode. I’ve talked about what has been happening on my personal journal and through Amassment once or twice, but I have never really mention anything about it here. In December 2015, I found out I was pregnant again. Right now, I am about 35 weeks pregnant. I am due on August 8th. I know that there is a possiblity that I can continue to work on my domain and keep everything updated, but once my little girl is here, I don’t know how much I will be able to do.

That is the reason for this update. There is a new layout on the domain, but as I said, it is temporary. I want to return, but I have to see how everything goes. From this day till my due date, she can come any time. I need to make sure I am taking care of myself, and I have to admit. Trying to think of a new layout is getting a little stressful especially when I am trying to create ones for my business site.

If you are curious about the sites that I need to update, they are still active. I will be around to make sure fanlistings are up to date. My TCG site will stay active till I have her and then it will be put on hiatus till I can return. I hope once I get everything organized and she has a pretty good schedule, I will be able to return with some new ideas.

This hibernation has been planned for quite a while. Occasionally, I keep thinking about archiving the whole domain. Don’t get me wrong. I love my domain. I’ve had it for over 12 years. I cannot give it up. However, designing new layouts and keeping things new here is starting to take a drag on me. I am hoping that with this hibernation mode, I will be able to come back with something new and more inspiration.

I probably won’t update much here at this site, but if you are friend on twitter, you will know more details when my due date comes. If you want to chat, you can also contact me by email. Till I return, enjoy!