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May 22

Some changes

I’ve been working in the background trying to get a few things updated but also try and add a few things. However, there has been some pretty drastic changes in my personal life that have kept me from here. I don’t usually share this url with anyone, but if you are curious what my offline life has been like, please visit watermia.org. Just please, give me the same respect I give you about sharing offline information.

Anyways, enough on that. I have made a few changes with the domain. Aftermath has a new layout. I recently learned how to code CSS Grid and use a responsive navigation. I am slowly converting all of my sites to CSS Grid so that they will be responsive. Aftermath is the fourth layout ot receive it. Coco was the first on the domain, but mainly my second attempt. My blog was my first attempt and success. Her Melody, a fanlisting for Terra’s theme received a redo also. It is the third layout to become responsive, but it has also moved homes.

I am still working in the background on some pretty big projects, but those will remain a secret for a while. Till next time, enjoy the changes.

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Sep 24

New Additions

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I’ve been really bad at keeping my update page up to date. Anyways, shattered memories received a few new additions since the last main update.

Galactic Protection is my dedication to the Metroid Series. It is also the approved fanlisting. This was a shrine that I was working on for almost 4 months. I wanted to tell people about it, but this series isn’t quite popular like the other games. However, it is favorite of mine and I believe my site shows my dedication.

Aftermath received two new fanlistings that I adopted from Destinie. I adopted the Liepard fanlisting which is located at Beautifully Ruthless and the Purrloin fanlisting which can be found at Deviously Perfect. I also updated all the fanlistings with the members that were pending. Majority of the fanlistings had no change while some had either one or two people join.

Lastly, I worked on a revamp for my Terra shrine. It had been over ten years since I created the second layout for that site. It was truly needed of a new layout and updated information. To have this done, I decided to participate in the Amassment’s Shrine Revamp Event. I wasn’t sure how long this was going to take me, but overall I am very satisfied how it work. Terra’s shrine was moved to a new url, but still has the same name. You can find it at Last Ray of Hope.