Dec 11 updates and more

Been a while since I posted anything here. Shattered Memories received a face lift with a new layout. This layout is pretty special to me since I do have two little children of my own. I also put this layout up to place the site in a hibernation type mode. I love my sites, don’t get me wrong. However, being a mother, writer, and teacher is a full-time job. I have time here and there, but the inspiration never seems to follow. This layout was something different for me. I had to recode my JQuery to make the layout work correctly. I hope everyone enjoys it. There is a mobile version of it, but it is nothing to special. The site is better viewed on a regular screen.

Besides the domain receiving a new look, my contact page and my fanlisting site also received new looks. The fanlistings were all updated with either no members or new members. The contact page holds my email that you can reach me at. I usually respond within 24 hours since most emails come to my phone which is with me almost all the time.

Two shrines received major work done on them. At a Distance is one shrine I am proud of. It is my tribute to Pharaoh Atem and Anzu Mazaki from Yu-Gi-Oh! It actually uses a php script for the gallery that I am extremely proud of. Transcending Time is my InuYasha and Kagome Higurashi tribute. It received a new name and new location along with a new layout that I am glad turned out quite well. I even used the same php script for the gallery. Take a chance to visit either shrine. One of them has a bunch of new information.

Lastly, I have been working on my writing. Expressions in writing will not be updated with my novel except for maybe the first chapter or two. What I have been working on, though, is my fanfiction. There are links to where I post of them. If you are interested in any of the pairings or subjects, take a look and enjoy.

Till the next update. If you need me, you can email me or find me on discord.

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