Sep 24

New Additions

I’ve been really bad at keeping my update page up to date. Anyways, shattered memories received a few new additions since the last main update.

Galactic Protection is my dedication to the Metroid Series. It is also the approved fanlisting. This was a shrine that I was working on for almost 4 months. I wanted to tell people about it, but this series isn’t quite popular like the other games. However, it is favorite of mine and I believe my site shows my dedication.

Aftermath received two new fanlistings that I adopted from Destinie. I adopted the Liepard fanlisting which is located at Beautifully Ruthless and the Purrloin fanlisting which can be found at Deviously Perfect. I also updated all the fanlistings with the members that were pending. Majority of the fanlistings had no change while some had either one or two people join.

Lastly, I worked on a revamp for my Terra shrine. It had been over ten years since I created the second layout for that site. It was truly needed of a new layout and updated information. To have this done, I decided to participate in the Amassment’s Shrine Revamp Event. I wasn’t sure how long this was going to take me, but overall I am very satisfied how it work. Terra’s shrine was moved to a new url, but still has the same name. You can find it at Last Ray of Hope.

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