Jul 8

shattered memories new design

Shattered Memories received an overhaul lately. I was debating whether to go ahead and put the new layout up or not, but I seem to find time around my daughter to work on some sites. Anyways, the domain layout has been reworked from head to toe. I added a new affiliate and even some new link-exchanges. If you care to link-exchange with me, go ahead contact me somehow. I plan to bring some other updates to projects, but those are being reworked at the moment and with having an almost one year old, my time is very limited. Plus, these next two years, I have some major events happening that I really need to concentrate on. I will continue to keep everything else updated, and here and there, you might actually see something new happen.

The layout was something that I was just messing around with. I still wanted to do iframes, but not my normal iframe. Once I saw the image of Lunafreya from Final Fantasy XV, I knew it was the perfect image to use. As much as I loved my old layout, I thought it was time for a change. Hope all the links work and everyone enjoys the new look.

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