Hello and welcome to Make a Wish Hosting a small hosting site dedicated to provide you with free hosting whether that be domain or subdomain. While I know there is a lot out there to choose from with different hosting sites offering different services, I also know that sometimes what you need comes with a cost. Here, I don't offer that. I give you what you need and help if possible.

This has to be a joke, right? Nope. I have a hosting package that offers me unlimited space, bandwidth, domains, subdomains, mysql databases, and with up to 99.9% uptime. The only sad part is I don't have to opportunity to offer a separate cpanel. You would get a private ftp account, though, and if you would need a subdomain or mysql database, I will gladly be able to help with that. I will try to keep a backup, almost weekly of your site, but it will be wise to do your own. I will keep all scripts up-to-date, and if you need any installed, like wordpress, I can help with that, too.

Any rules that we need to listen to? Well, yeah. There are some. I am hosted by namecheap, so we need to follow their rules. However, I do have some of my own. I don't want to host any file/image hosting sites, bots, spam, torrents, anything that is illegal. You need to make sure that you are thirteen (13) years of age. No paid advertisments will be allowed. I have some on my blog, but my blog is a completely different service. I have two domains you can choose to have a subdomain if you don't have your own domain. That is the one thing: to host a domain, you need to have your own. I cannot provide. The two domain options are: you.watermia.org & you.shattered-memories.org.

What are you offering? Simple packages with a range of options. Start off small with just 15GB of space, Unlimited everything else, or jump to something bigger at 30GB of space. Finally, if that is not enough space, I can offer 50GBS. Still the same options: unlimited subdomains, mysql databases, email accounts, scripts, bandwidth, and a personal ftp account to access your domain.

How do I apply?So, you want a domain or a subdomain hosted at Make a Wish Hosting. Amazing! Just go ahead and email me at: hosting@shattered-memories.org with your name, whether you want to host a domain or subdomain and which subdomain you want to be, how much space, and a username to access your account. It will get to me ASAP, and I will make sure to get everything up for you and email you back with a password, email account, and database for you to use, more can be added. NOTE: If you don't receive an email within 48 hours, send me another email.

People hosted here, including myself: watermia.org • smdesigns.org