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Aelyn &Cerine

Listed here are sites that I love and admire or people who have agreed to exchange links with me. The ones with ♥ are people who have exchanged links with me.

zeruda, ♥reikou, ♥lenne, ♥skycrown, ♥potion, ♥love-gala, ♥jinkaku,
after-death, ♥hakuren, ♥cissnei, ♥londonboy, ♥ohmydarling, ♥kyou.nu

ainoyume, besaid, celes-chere, genrou, lost-boy, blizzara, rydia, kurikaeshi, like-knives, esperits, wild-seven, heart-blossom, redcrown, somnus, raygunsue, nevarra, rinoa, nymphae, licious, oubliette, sun-cryst, piratesboard, ishiryoku, shinshoku

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