Shattered Memories is currently on an "unknown hiatus". Time has taken over with both my career and family. All my sites are still active. However, I do not know how much work will be done to them. Might be small, might be big. Who knows. I plan to still update my fanlistings, but maybe in the future, I will adopt them out. For now, my blog has the most active work along with my writing site..

The current layout features the carbuncle artwork from Final Fantasy XV. The coding is all CSS Grid and some JQuery done within Notepad ++. All content and design belong to Medli unless othewise stated. © 2008-2020. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement intended.

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tumblr, twitter, livejournal, amassment, and discord: Medli#2214.

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These are my remaining sites on my domain that I will not be updating with new information or changing the layouts, but I am still accepting affiliates or link-exchanges.

last ray of hopedistant heartroyal protection
a fading dreamin the distance
odds & ends & altogethergalactic protectionone promise

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Shattered Memories is 100% link free. Let me know if you run a domain similar to mine and would like your site listed. As of right now, affiliates is invite only.

Affiliates: lightning, kuroi-hoshi, missing-nin, celestialis, quicksilver, and farplane.

Link-exchanges: zeruda, reikou, lenne, skycrown, jinkaku, kyou, after-death, londonboy, raygunsue, ohmydarling, northstar,, and kuchiki.

Guardian Maia • Music: Terra's Thememore cliques.

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